About Z-Index

Z-Index maintains and updates the G-Standaard, the Dutch drug database which is used by all parties in healthcare in the Netherlands. The G-Standaard contains all the products that are dispensed by or used in the pharmacy. It enables an efficient exchange of information between healthcare parties.

Dutch drug database G-Standaard

The G-Standaard covers information about licensed medicines; unlicensed medicines (e.g. raw materials and compounding preparations); vitamins and other nutritional supplements; homeopathic medicines; and medical devices. More than 100.000 care products are registered in G-Standaard. To each care product information is added, for example about pharmacovigilance, price, logistics and the reimbursement policy of various health insurers.

Parties in healthcare use this information to different ends, for example:

  • a physician uses the information in the G-Standaard to look up available medicines and prescribe the correct dosage to a patient;
  • a pharmacist uses it to check if the patient’s current medication is compatible with his new one (pharmacovigilance), and to see if his health insurance will reimburse. The G-Standaard makes it possible for invoices to be sent straight to the healthcare insurer;
  • pharmacists, wholesalers and manufacturers use the G-Standaard for placing orders and managing stock.

Role of Z-Index in G-Standaard

Z-Index acts as an intermediary, keeping all the information in the G-Standaard up to date and making it accessible to end users through software houses. To this end, it has contacts with manufacturers, wholesalers, scientific institutes, registration authorities, and the government. These parties can be providers of data in the G-Standaard as well as users of this data.

The pharmacotherapeutic information in the G-Standaard is provided by the Medicines Information Centre of the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP).

Providing product information for the G-Standaard

Are you a manufacturer and would you like your healthcare products to be accessible by the Dutch healthcare professionals via the G-Standaard?

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G-Standaard Data Entry Portal for manufacturers

In the G-Standaard Data Entry Portal it’s possible for registered manufacturers to add new healthcare products and modify existing ones. The updated healthcare product information reaches all the prescription, delivery and ordering systems in the Dutch healthcare market via G-Standaard's monthly production cycle and software houses. More information is provided in the instruction manual.

G-Standaard Data Entry Web Portal

The monthly production cycle requires a strict production schedule. In this way Z-Index makes sure that all updated information from the manufacturers is integrated in the G-Standaard. Software houses integrate the G-Standaard updates in the information systems used by pharmacies, general practitioners, hospitals and health insurance companies. It is in the interests of all end users that all parties submitting information to the Z-Index (including 700 manufacturers) have a clear production schedule and stick to it strictly.

Production schedule


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